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Greenweaver Architecture have 15 years experience designing houses, schools, university buildings, early childhood centres, offices and social / affordable housing projects throughout the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  We specialise in green design and sustainable, yet affordable construction systems. Contact us for further details or to arrange a free initial consultation.

Alex Hills

Alex Hills is the Director and founder of Greenweaver Architecture. She has over 15 years experience working as a registered architect in Oxford, London, Sydney and Wellington.  She attended the Bartlett School of Architecture in University College London and went on to do her post-graduate studies in Architecture and Energy Efficient Building at the Oxford School of Architecture.  She has designed homes, schools, early childhood centres, university buildings, playgrounds, offices, social / affordable housing projects, suburb and university masterplans. 

Alex lectured in Sustainable Architecture at Victoria University Wellington and has a Masters in Building Science

She is a green design specialist  with knowledge in passive solar design, water sensitive site design, green materials, mixed mode + naturally ventilated buildings, solar hot water, neighbourhood central heat + power, earth brick and straw bale construction techniques.

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