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Poor quality buildings don't just consume more energy.  They can put occupants at serious risk from a myriad of health issues: from asthma; allergies; multiple sclerosis [MS]; chronic fatigue / myalgic encephalomyelitis [ME]; right through to affecting male fertility. 

We work with professors, consultant scientists, professionals and building materials specialists to provide you with a fully comprehensive building assessment report to improve occupant health and/or ensure the most efficient use of resources in your property.  Reports may be useful as evidence to submit to a landlord, for a court case, or to inform a future building project.  Our team can assess buildings to optimise natural energy use and ventilation, establish whether materials or building systems are a risk to building occupant health and propose a variety of solutions to suit various budget levels.  (Off-grid living, cooperative living, earthships , tiny homes, portable homes, or modifying buildings to make the most of natural systems) If we can not assist you we hope to be able to direct you to someone who can.


Book an individual test or assessment, select the entire list of services for a full building overhaul, or arrange a site inspection to establish which tests are most useful for your situation...

-Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF  Scanning)

-Electricity Assessment (Dirty Power / High energy use or faulty appliances)

-Damp Assessment (Damp meter tests along with exterior building fabric survey)

-Interior air quality (testing air for pollutants, VOC's, CO2 levels or potential toxins)

-Diagnose Mould (undertake sample collection and pass on to world class expert for identification and analysis report)

-Interior Material Health Assessment (Inspection of interior linings, furniture and contents)

-Infra-red Performance (Existing building fabric heat loss results)



A one-stop-shop for building assessment from professors specialising in mould diagnosis, consultants able to test air quality and building fabric performance, through to designers familiar with healthy building practices and low tech green building solutions (natural building techniques / off-grid architecture / minor alterations to benefit both health of occupants, as well as environmental performance).  

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Order specific test/s for your property from the list above, the full list of services, or arrange a site visit to establish which tests will be most useful for your situation.  Email or use the contact form below.  Let us know the size of the building (specify square metres or just the number of rooms requiring services), any combination of these tests you want and if applicable, let us know what format you prefer for reports / evidence / building audits.

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