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Architectural Design

Greenweaver Architecture offers a full design service from initial sketches and feasibility through to developed design, detailed design, consents and contract administration.    Experience spans all sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom, with first hand experience designing and managing projects in New Zealand including private homes (new build and alterations) heritage buildings, social housing projects and early childhood centres.


Greenweaver have specialist knowledge in living (green) roofs and walls, passive solar design, straw bale, earth brick, natural ventilation, mixed-mode, rainwater collection, active solar systems and passivhaus construction principles.


Ultimately, Greenweaver believe buildings should eventually become renewable energy 'batteries', weaved into the natural landscape through the use of urban agriculture and living walls / roofs.   The 'greenest' buildings should incorporate as many recycled / natural materials as possible to ensure indoor air quality and healthy occupants but also take every opportunity possible to encapsulate waste products (eg. straw / plastic / glass / rubber) within concrete and hardfill as well as by up-cycling recycled items into furniture and other high quality products.

Project Management

Greenweaver Architecture offer full project management services including procurement, tender management, contract preparation, site inspections and managing other consultants within the project team.  


Alex Hills has experience working with partnering, design-build and traditional building contracts.  



Landscape Design

Greenweaver Architecture have experience working on large scale landscaping projects such as sustainable suburb competitions, university campus masterplans as well as small projects for early childhood centres and private residential clients.  

We can provide water sensitive urban design strategies, planting schedules, playground designs, landscaping features and retaining structures for private or commercial clients.  We can design veggie gardens, architectural planters, fruit vine pergolas, vertical green walls, green roofs and other plant-cimbing structures for your exterior spaces.


We have experience working with playground standards to provide custom playground and landscaping features for early childhood centres and schools. We can also provide living structures such as green-roofed-letterboxes, sheds, bike storage areas and recycling / bin stores to minimised the impact of your ancillary buildings. 


Whether its a privacy screen planter-box, through to a spa pool or outdoor bathroom get in touch with us for a free initial consultation.

Building Science Research

Alex Hills has worked as a lecturer in Sustainable Architecture at Victoria University Wellington and a construction tutor at University of New South Wales, Sydney and the Oxford School of Architecture in UK.   Her most recent research involves work for the Building Energy End-use Study (BEES) for BRANZ, EECA, 


She recently completed a part-time BEES Scholarship-funded Masters in Building Science at Victoria University Wellington.  Her topic involved communicating building resource use benchmarks in a 3D city visualisation pilot of Wellington Central Business District. The overall aim was to test the feasibility of applying this technique at a national level.



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